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Austria-based alternative jazz band Exploding Pig manages to uplift listeners while keeping them grounded in a poppy groove in “Questloves Yoga Class.”

Known for their hauntingly beautiful melodies combined with instrumentals reminiscent of the classic jazz of the past, Austria-based band Exploding Pig has made a name for themselves as a trailblazing musical band backed by an unwavering determination to their craft and unapologetic authenticity. At their core is that non-traditional attire that they wear like a glove, choosing to challenge the status quo via non-cookie-cutter sound arrangements and preferring to stretch the limits of genres and styles with their richly eclectic brew that weaves together a tapestry of jazz elements, psychedelic lounge influences, hip hop, and chilling lo-fi soundscapes. This has allowed them that broad-based appeal as they appeal to listeners of all ages and from all walks of life with their contagious sound that always leaves listeners hungry for more!

True to the essence of their music, their latest jam, “Questloves Yoga Class” is a richly eclectic masterpiece with a little bit of everything going into the mix to make up for a full and resounding track that captivates beyond just the five senses.

The depth of the composition has been appealingly supplemented by the skillful execution of the music. The instrumental interplay here is audacious and incredibly outrageous. What they did with the subtle, restrained vocal interludes in various sections of the track is super amazing and really adds texture and variety to the song.

In its richly eclectic demeanor, this powerful track carries its signature jazz structure with an irresistibly punchy hip-hop thrill and psych rock qualities, making for an indescribably beautiful and emotive listening experience.
This track hits with such uncontainable energy and exudes such emotional resonance in ways that not enough words could quantify.

Simply put, “Questloves Yoga Class” is less heard and more felt…it’s also hard to explain but easy to listen to.
Throughout the piece, the quartet’s four instruments take on different configurations that result in vastly different textures. The trombone adds depth and sonic elegance to the overall track; the drums are effortlessly precise and straight to the point; the bass adds a touch of stylishness and rhythm; and the guitar spreads delightful melodies all around!

If I were you, I’d want to listen to this kind of music on a daily basis: music that has been tapped from the source and delivered with such punctilious attention to detail…Follow the link below and enjoy.

Exploding Pig is working towards the release of their new album, which is expected to debut on November 3, 2023. This one promises to be a game changer…you just have to be there for it!


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