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The fastest rapper in the world, Fa’shotime, packs quite the punch with “Godzilla (Remix).”

Not many rappers can claim to be as fast and meaningful as Fa’shotime; a rapper and artist who prides himself on his vast speed and staggering cadence. He has been winning hearts with his speedy flows and effortless rhythm. To be able to rap with such speed, reminiscent of influences like Busta Rhymes, one must be fluent, efficient, and impactful. Fa’shotime possesses all these qualities and much more, setting him apart from the rest. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the speed; it’s about the skill and how articulately the flow is delivered.

“Godzilla” by Eminem featuring Juice Wrld is a standout track from his “Music To Be Murdered By” album. Fa’shotime hopped on this beat and added his own unique spin, delivering an impressive rendition. While I’m not easily impressed by remixes or covers, he certainly makes a mark with this fiery performance.

With his rapid-fire flows, innate charisma, confidence, and captivating rhythm, Fa’shotime maintains a commanding presence, transitioning seamlessly from one verse to the next, reminiscent of a lyrical Usain Bolt, all while interweaving the familiar hook by Juice Wrld.

Delivering each powerful verse with the precision and intensity of a professional mixed martial artist, Fa’shotime goes on a charm offensive, showcasing a lyrical masterclass with agile, potent, and scorching flows.

The synergy between this particular beat and his voice is undeniable—it’s as if they were made for each other.

With over 29K views on YouTube, this remix has become a viral sensation, drawing attention to this emcee’s considerable talent.

To catch the vibes, follow the link below, and be sure to subscribe to Fa’shotime’s YouTube channel, like the track, share your thoughts in the comments, and add it to your playlist.

Explore Fa’shotime’s diverse music repertoire on popular platforms and spread the word about his talent.


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