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Filo Beddo- Curse of the Burrito

Emerging from Connecticut, the spirited pair known as Filo Beddo, consisting of Jayson Prevost and Bryan Hull, have unleashed a musical saga that eludes conventional categorization. Their novel oeuvre, “Curse of the Burrito,” melds experimental sounds with a capricious tale. Envision a scenario featuring a young woman in her vehicle, a law enforcement chase, and a rebellious burrito—Filo Beddo crafts an auditory tale as idiosyncratic as it is captivating.

In the waning days of 2022, Jayson and Bryan commenced their harmonious journey, concocting avant-garde melodies using Apple’s Logic Pro. Their debut compilation, “Chillin’ with some fiddies,” embodies their collaborative spirit, drawing from diverse influences like Beastie Boys and 70s Funk/Soul. “Curse of the Burrito” epitomizes their aural mastery—a whimsical, soul-stirring escapade that defies the confines of genre.

As the beats of “Curse of the Burrito” resonate, the summons is unequivocal: plunge into the Filo Beddo narrative. Allow the quirky charm and experimental sounds to transport you to a domain where melody converges with storytelling in the most unforeseen manners. “Chillin’ with some fiddies” awaits your audition, and Filo Beddo extends an invitation to partake in their musical voyage. Embrace the unforeseen, relish the groove, and elect “Curse of the Burrito” as your anthem for your next auditory getaway.

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