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Award-winning singer-songwriter Franki Love and house music producer Hex Hector are set to release the album, “THE SKY.”

A classically trained pianist who grew up with nothing but a profound love and passion for music, singer-songwriter Franki Love has dedicated her life to creating soundtracks for so many people’s lives and spreading love, happiness, and positivity through her original tracks of some of the most popular tunes by legendary artists. She embodies a spirit that seems to be fading in society; her overarching ambition is to show people that they can be many things at once and to inspire others with her musical journey.

Hex Hector is a house music producer with a style and strength of his own, stunningly innovating tracks by some of the most famous artists to ever grace the music world; we are talking Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton…you name them. With an inimitable diverse stylistic approach, an ear for sound, and a knack for the commercial, he is a producer-artist on his own level!

Franki Love is gearing up to release her new album, “THE SKY” which is expected to officially debut sometime in August or September 2023.

With the stylistic caliber of ambient and new age sound, a listener can expect greatness that will transport them to another realm and help them unwind, breathe, and see the world within realms of beauty, excellence, and glamour alone!

A project that has been in the making for over a year, “THE SKY” which is Franki’s 5th studio album, in a way feels like coming of age for her. She poured all of herself out, let her soul bleed, and tapped into her vulnerability to produce music that will transcend time and even the medium itself!

Hex Hector created a catchy and evocative ambient remix on the album to perfect the sound and elevate this project to a higher level of consciousness

Delving into the deep and clear skyline, the music in “THE SKY” is guaranteed to offer anyone who comes into close contact with it a cathartic and visceral listening experience—you simply have to experience it.

To ensure you do not miss out on this artistic excellence, make sure you follow Franki Love on her Instagram page and check out the webpage

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