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New York-based multi-gifted songbird Gabrielle Musicaro has a new love-inspired catchy single dubbed “More Than Forever.”

Gabrielle Musicaro - More Than Forever

You might have given up on love, but the kind of performance Gabrielle Musicaro unleashes in her new single, “More Than Forever,” makes you inspired to sink yourself deep into that sea of always and forever, where possibilities are unlimited and love abounds!

Her voice really is attractive, and when she sings, she sings from her heart and soul like a canary! The phrasing for this tune is just right, allowing a listener to develop their own deep and personal relationship with the lyrics.

Through the lush and full, crisp, and polished urban pop instrumentations that provide solid support for Gabrielle Musicaro’s mellifluous and tenderly-nurtured vocals to thrive, it just feels like she is performing this track to you live…God knows how many times I have played this track on repeat!

There’s something about her voice and performance, especially at the beginning, that gives me Ariana Grande vibes. But then, the track subtly picks up in the chorus, drawing the listener in with Gabrielle’s golden vocals that resonate deep in the heart. I’m head over heels for it.

She has such an angelic voice that is effortlessly powerful, and she has that wide range that she is not shy of expressing, and that is what draws in the listener throughout this performance—she just hooks you in from the get-go and refuses to let you go until the track is over.

One thing you can be assured of is that from just the first listen, you know…you feel it in your gut that you will be playing this track an awful lot of times; it is simply that good and a radio staple from start to finish.

From that performance, I also just want to listen to her sing more than forever; this tune deserves wide recognition because it is indescribably beautiful, mood-evoking, and entertaining as well. The very definition of an earworm and ear candy!

To listen to “More Than Forever,” please follow the attached link below and add this masterpiece to your playlist.

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