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Genius Geek Boy Troy Is Back With a Nostalgically Blended Southern-Type of Tune “Goofy” That Is Set to Be Released on the 16th of March on All Streaming Platforms

Geek Boy Troy Goofy

Taking you on that rollercoaster ride to exotic places is the genius Geek Boy Troy who offers that witty lyricism that whisks a listener to the simplest and most apparently ordinary moments of life – offering that insight that life’s glamorous treasures live in its simplest moments, in those daily occurrences that most of us take for granted. He is a rap genius and when he holds the mic on his hands, he is certain to spit some weighty wisdom seamlessly like a pioneer of the hip-hop industry. He delivers with the maturity of Big Sean and the uniqueness of J Cole! Geek Boy Troy is a 24-year-old hip-hop artist and sound engineer based out of Atlanta, Georgia but was raised in Powder Springs, Georgia. He Graduated at SAE Atlanta and his careful consistency and brilliant bravery came together at this stage where he made a nostalgic and laid-back alluring lyrically truthful and fact-hitting track “Goofy” that puts folks to their place and is a reminder of his A-game artistry level that remains unrivaled.

There is power in this track and it comes off as a reminiscent sound that takes a listener way back to the sounds of “Still Dre”. Like some much-awaited main-event straight out of WrestleMania or UFC, Geek Boy Troy does not disappoint with his intricate, no-holds-barred intriguing wordplay and the special order of rhyme scheme integrated into his calm and mature freestyle delivery offering his mind and thought to anyone who cares to listen – and make no mistake – a listener has been compelled to care! He holds a listener still as they listen in awe to this superhuman miracle on two legs deliver a show-stopping performance that will be revered for generations to come.

He paints the picture vividly with his artistic precision and outstanding way with words. And his bare-knuckle approach is irresistibly stupefying and gets a listener every time! The elements in the instruments have been impeccably mixed and mastered and sit well in the mix for that fulfilling listening experience and will have you pressing the repeat button for some more! 16th is the date it will be available on all the major streaming platforms and better believe that this track will turn the industry on its head!

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