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UK-based music producer GermAeon takes us on a dark, ambient explorative odyssey with his full-length debut album, “Crusade of the Priests of L’Edsommr”

Sometimes you just have to be wildly free and let that dark spirit roam free once in a while, and if you don’t know how to tap into it, worry not because that is where UK-based sound engineer GermAeon comes in. His ability to tap into the dark world over ambient, minimalist arrangements is still being investigated for foul play…the music world has failed to understand how someone can be so different yet so good. The music here is for the daredevils—those who are not afraid to seek the dark and ultimately what they will discover there. It is like entering a dark dungeon cave with nothing but a flickering torch that keeps going on and off…if you love the thrills, then welcome aboard for a literal musical hell!

“Crusade of the Priests of L’Edsommr” is GermAeon’s first-ever full-length album. You better believe that he went above and beyond to make sure you get a memorably haunting listening experience. With the album demanding attention from the European and overseas audience, GermAeon has decided to launch a Qrates campaign to have a limited 100 copies of the 12 vinyl edition available with the bonus track “L’Edsommr Conclave” available and by placing your order, you get the chance to play within the realms of a dark sonic sphere in what is an unforgettable experience!

The war here is being fought on two fronts: the dark (evil) and the light. The evil perpetrators who are the judge, jury, and executioners—pledging guilty and passing death sentences are out for blood, and to everyone else leaning on the side of the light, as they try to protect their sanity and lives, the heads feel like some freaking boat, full of heavy cargo, like coal or iron. Sometimes it slips to one end and the boat tips, and they can feel it slipping—they can feel the boat tipping and there is nothing they can do about it. Giving up though is not an option….let the hunting games begin!

Through an orderly cinematic arrangement over the synth-heavy, bleak, and angst-fueled atmospheric ambient rhythms and melodies, you get incredibly murderous music, marvelously cutthroat delivery, and spectacularly mongrel-type unrestrained sounds!

This cuts through and through, from the first track, “In Prayer, Without a Hope,” all the way to the last track, “Conjuration of Enechefu,”  with the tracks cinematically transitioning into one another, building on this blockbuster storyline to its very end—whether the innocent survive or not is a question only preserved for the most powerful amongst the dark forces!

There is a traditional minimalist sensation in a track like “Banishing Ritual” that places the listener right in the middle of where the life-saving rituals are happening as they try to offset the blood spill from the evil forces!

“Unbaptised Then Drowned” echoes the helplessness of the situation as the dark forces begin to overwhelm the spiritual powers of the priest as more and more sacrifices fall to the ground!

As you can tell from this entire collection, GermAeon uses that mix of UK gothic darkness, post-sound cinematic atmospheres, and a musical resistance to genre rules to fashion what is inexplicably mystical and deeply dark. This is the kind of music that shakes you to the very core, no matter how successfully rebellious you have led your life.

With that in mind, I think it’s about time that you got acquainted with the soundtrack of your life: “Crusade of the Priests of L’Edsommr” is now digitally available for purchase as well as 100 limited copies of the 12 vinyl edition that can be ordered now by following the attached link below…hurry while the stocks last!

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