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Electronic music producer and composer Gianfranco Pescetti rattles the airwaves with his latest release, “Be My Ghost”.

Gianfranco Pescetti has always been fascinated by the ingenious art of making music and the creative process that goes into making the beats. As a huge fan of electronic dance music, he drew inspiration from the genre and focused on making his passion his source of livelihood. He is now making a name for himself within the realms of electronic dance music with exotic influences such as rock. He has been earning critical praise for his innovative and experimental style, which always leaves listeners hungry for more. Pescetti produces music that is remarkably appealing to a wide range of fans, and while we’re yet to see much more from him, we can never be wrong by stating that his future in the music industry is foreseeably great.

Pescetti returns with a new release dubbed “Be My Ghost” which follows a string of new releases leading to his new instrumental album, which is expected to drop late in 2023.

His track is an invigorating, energy-pumped, and future-designed masterpiece with a first-class arrangement and dexterous execution to immediately reel you in and have you operating in its adrenaline-surged world!

Emanating from haunting shadows of powerful synth leads, swooping bass lines, and intricate percussion, “Be My Ghost” sees Pescetti improvise with some great electronic cadences to fill out the sound and create such a consistently alluring soundscape that you wish had no end.

While energetic and uplifting, the track “Be My Ghost” progresses with some soaring melodies and atmospheric tones that add so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove and that’s really amazing.

Someone who has obviously been in the industry long enough and developed an ear for impeccable beats, like Pescetti, has done the music design just right!

To enjoy this super amazing tune, how about you follow the link below, add this tune to your playlist, and share it everywhere?

Check out Gianfranco Pescetti’s other music on popular streaming platforms, and let’s ride this epic journey together!

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