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Award-winning filmmaker, actor, and writer Giovannie Espiritu is set to release her new electro-pop single “Ultra Feminist,” inspired by her debut short film “Ultra-Feminist.”

A woman of valor, a mammoth heart, and incredibly rare gifts, Giovannie Espiritu’s journey has been everything but smooth. A testament to the power of human resilience, she has fought many battles, lost some, and won some. What she refused to do was give up. Her incredible filmmaking gifts, which have won her numerous awards, are one of the many things she’s proud of in her life. Her achievements extend beyond film and artistry; she is actively involved in community and global affairs, advocating for gay rights as a bisexual, raising awareness of domestic violence, and championing the often overlooked rights of minorities.

In 2019, she debuted her first short film, “Ultra-Feminist,” that earned a memorable mention at Outfest Fusion. Five years down the line, she has decided to morph it into this remarkable electro-pop version that she is set to release very soon.

Lending the expertise of beat-maker Augusto Omar Carrillo and music producer Rasec Marc, Giovannie Espiritu has created this raw and honest masterpiece that pulsates with infectious energy, where the raw lyrics sting like a bee.

Having listened to this captivating and infectious song, I can assure you that “Ultra Feminist” is worth the wait and is a masterpiece that does not tip-toe around its subject matter. Right from the opening notes, Giovannie Espiritu is straightforward, affirming her optimism and ultra-feminism in a world surrounded by narcissists and how she is seeking to change the status quo for the better of not just herself but others like her.

As you can probably expect from an electro-pop tour de force, there is an unmistakable blend of pulsating rhythms and melodies that features rich, layered synth textures, electronic drum patterns with crisp snares, pulsating bass, and driving kicks. The vibrant concoction is what offers a captivating backdrop for Giovannie’s spotlight-stealing vocal performance.

For now, we have to play the waiting game as we patiently wait for the debut of this masterpiece that is set to mark a significant milestone in Espiritu’s artistic career.

To know more about her, I suggest you check out her official website

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