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Rap genius H-A-M (Hustle And Motivate) drops some jewels on his latest track, “Cyber Chicks PT2”.

H-A-M is all about hustle and motivation and stands out from your average rapper and artist. When it comes to his hip-hop sound, which is mainly inspired by IT, having worked in the industry for over two decades, he delivers fresh and enlightening rhymes backed by his confidence, charisma, and unmatched stage presence. While most emcees are looking for ways to make words rhyme, he seeks ways to convey his unique stories in ways that resonate with many. He is an artist armed with charisma, wordplay, and presence, yet remains current and trendy!

Following the success of his track “Cyber Chicks”, H-A-M is back with a follow-up single dubbed “Cyber Chicks PT2” that delves into themes of love and social engineering.

He delivers smart rhymes in his mature tone over smooth, nostalgic production, allowing listeners to find personal connections with the lyrics. Throughout the song, he maintains a strong presence, seamlessly transitioning from one verse to the next.

His verses are crisp and clear, and the way he effortlessly switches flow is mesmerizing, showcasing his talents and flair as a storyteller and performer.

The beat is smooth and evokes nostalgia, creating a captivating backdrop that beautifully complements his top-tier performance.

This performance proves that H-A-M is much more than just a rapper; he’s an artist capable of telling unique stories, as showcased in this track.

“Cyber Chicks PT2” is a raw masterpiece from top to bottom and a stellar rap tune that enhances any playlist it’s added to.

To catch the vibes, make sure you follow the link below and add the song to your playlist.

Follow H-A-M everywhere to be part of this trail-blazing music journey he’s embarking on!


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