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International hip-hop artist H2theBizza brings the heat with “Go Getter”

Hip-hop and rap artist H2theBizza embodies uniqueness and versatility with his dynamic sound that blends elements of Bollywood and American rap, creating a sound that resonates with a global audience. He has constantly been feeding the streets, blending Hindi with English and appealing to such a broad audience. It is little wonder, for example, why his Spotify profile boasts over 11K monthly listeners, with his music collectively accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams.

H2theBizza is back and demanding attention with a rip-roaring hip-hop banger dubbed “Go Getter,” an anthem for all the real ones who put in the work and hustle to make things happen.

Demonstrating his lyrical dominance, H2theBizza rides the beat like it’s a Rolls-Royce, demanding a listener’s attention immediately with his thought-inspiring bars that are dropped swiftly and effortlessly with an artful ferocity.

Displaying his uniqueness, H2theBizza starts off with fluent English bars, and as the track progresses, he shape-shifts in both lyrics and style, stamping his lyrical authority in Punjabi style.

This anthem is for all the go-getters in the world who possess a never-say-die attitude to always keep moving, chasing their dreams in a relentless pursuit of excellence. One day, all the late nights, sacrifices, missed holidays, and so on will mean something. For now, you’ve got to keep pushing until something gives.

With a heavy beat, a deeply relevant message at its core, and such an inimitable lyrical performance by an artist at the summit of his creative expression, it’s easy to see why this track has been on heavy rotation everywhere, and in just a few hours, the track already has over 7K Spotify streams.

“Go Getter” is a summer anthem for everyone striving for change, undeterred by societal expectations. It is the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

To stream and save this tune to your playlist, follow the attached link.

Follow H2theBizza on Instagram for real-time updates on his other projects.

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