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Columbia-based hip-hop artist HBK Trell’s “Love Games” is a must for fans of innovative hip-hop.

There is no doubt that HBK Trell’s ability to reinvent his brand and fearlessly experiment with hip-hop is an undeniable statement of his talent and versatility, ultimately making him such a strong force to be reckoned with in his field. Pioneering his own blend of rap and R&B, he has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with his imaginative hip-hop style. Delivering a constant stream of impressive releases on a variety of different imprints, his massively ambitious productions have garnered attention on a global scale.

The track “Love Games” embodies a raw hip-hop masterpiece from start to finish. The way he ferociously rides this beast is a huge testament to his boundless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and musician.

This is the kind of performance that stays with its listener long after it is gone, and this kind of performance is rare, as many contemporary artists don’t create in this unique manner. The beat is catchy, and HBK’s voice is expressive and authoritative, ideal for the genre, and he hits all the right notes with his stupendous delivery.

“Love Games” draws inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of seeming disappointment at being in a relationship where the other partner is taking you for a ride and just playing with your feelings as if merely playing games for their own pleasure.

The hook is particularly strong in this track and makes it really addicting and catchy anthem that you can sing along to.

By any measure, “Love Games” is a bona fide masterpiece that elevates any playlist it is put on. To add this track to your playlist, make sure you follow the link below, subscribe to HBK’s YouTube channel, and run it up for him.

HBK Trell is gearing up for the release of his new album, “10 Hoes” and is releasing some lead singles to that effect. Follow him everywhere to stay up to date!

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