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Eclectic Rock’s sonic explorer, Big Bus Dream, ushers you into a brand-new world with his “Hello” album.

Big Bus Dream is the musical anomaly of one Mike Shannon, a musician and producer par excellence whose music defies boundaries and stretches genre conventions in the most captivating of ways. His dreams are his music, and his songs capture the essence of his dreams, transformed into melodies with nearly universal appeal and escorted by his velvety, rich, and cognac-sounding voice that distinguishes him from any other artist you’ve listened to lately. With an extensive discography that spans genres such as alternative rock, punk, country, and folk, he has proven himself to be an artist worthy of fanfare.

Following the critical and well-deserved acclaim that ensued after releasing his full-length project, “C’mon Dream,” Big Bus Dream wisely decided to follow that up with a sequel, and that’s how “Hello” came to be, a sonically explorative masterpiece that offers a 42-minute, 32-second cathartic experience.

The title track, “Hello” is by far my favorite. This is one of those jams that never fails to make it to my daily listening playlist, and after listening to it, you’ll understand why this is the case. I like my music to be catchy and infectious, and the song is just that. Set against a warm, rich, and lush soundscape, it wraps around a listener like a warm blanket as the chorus refuses to leave the mind even after the song is no more. The more you listen to the track, the more it grows on you, engaging you, and soon enough, you’ll be singing word for word. Just in case Shannon is wondering; we can hear him perfectly fine, resounding with such lucidity and captivating appeal thanks to his fine-sounding voice.

With the beautiful ladies of the world in mind, Big Bus Dream prepared something special in “Tell Me You Love Me,” delivered with such intimate appeal and balladry intonation. Another standout is “I Thought It Was Magic,” a true story performed with such raw passion and emotion.

Other standouts from the album include, “You’re Always on My Mind,” “The Other Side,” and “Crisis of the Mind.” However, to fully appreciate the diversity, it’s best to stream the album in its entirety and discover which songs resonate most with your musical tastes.

To experience this sonic evolution and take advantage of time-sensitive discounts on Big Bus Dream’s music, visit and immerse yourself in the “Hello” album. Don’t miss the chance to explore his unique soundscapes at a special price, a treat that will resonate with aficionados of truly inspired music.


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