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Rapidly rising entertainer and progressive Boston-based artist Hitta Young’s “Cry” album is the sort that ages like fine wine!

As someone who is at the pinnacle of his creative expression, Boston-based rapper, singer, and performer Hitta Young got into the studio and created a hit album; – “Cry” is the mark of an artist cruising in his own unrivaled league. His innate competency to perform both as a rapper and singer is something to behold and worthy of critical praise. As someone who started fueling his creative musical passion as early as 5, getting into the thick of it professionally at 14, Young has honed his skills and nailed down his sound, both lyrically and sonically.

“Cry” is a 10-track project that was inspired by Hitta Young’s daily musings and real-life experiences. None of the tracks in this collection sound the same, yet they share a common denomination: impression, resonance value, relatability, and perception as deep as a fingerprint!

The title track “Cry” features such delightfully charming R&B-inspired melodicism as Young effortlessly unleashes his singing prowess over the hypnotic melodies that feature such gracious organic percussion that will not escape the listener’s attention. This track is such a huge testament to Young’s singing virtuosity and is such a joy to get lost in from the start to the finish.

“2 Mins of Death” displays another fierce side to Young’s artistry; this is straight-up a street-glamorous drill anthem that conjures up comparisons with the New York signature sound and UK grime scene. Delivering some hard-hitting punchlines in a no holds barred lyrical approach; this is one of the hardest and most raw tracks from the album.

“Scars” comes off as emotional and connects with its listener on a deep sentimental level. Young’s versatility is on display once more as he shrewdly cuts across trap and R&B with impeccable precision; switching flows and cadence with effortless ease as he delivers an unforgettable performance featuring the hook-laden chorus that makes forgetting this tune a near-impossible mission!

“Cry” feels like the album of the year, and to any lover of innovative hip hop and R&B, this is the album that you never knew you needed, but once the tracks start streaming in, each tune lovingly transitioning into the next without the album losing its authentic shape, then it absolutely hits you that you absolutely needed something like this.

“Cry” is already streaming on popular channels and has already received favorable reviews from the music press; all that remains is for you to critically acclaim it by following the attached link and just relishing this exceptional performance!

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