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Highly acclaimed R&B and soul singer-songwriter HJ Soul takes us way back with his nostalgic masterpiece “Get What I Want (Remastered)”

As a diverse artist, HJ Soul enjoys creating music as a medium to share unifying and spiritual messages on diverse topics, as he understands the only way to promote a better future is by installing shared-value impacts today. Bringing new vibes to the music landscape, HJ Soul enjoys delivering powerful songs that invite deep engagement and strong emotional connection. He is an artist who is revered for creating rhythmic and diverse music that inspires and empowers its listeners.

With his latest musical offering dubbed “Get What I Want”, HJ Soul takes us back to the 90s and early 2000s by blending UK garage sound, R&B, and soul.

This intoxicating blend features a kickbass and lively, upbeat, and catchy instrumentation that arouses your dance appetite, with his soul-stirring performance allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music, dancing as if no one’s watching, regardless of the time of day.

The way he ingeniously taps into nostalgia while still successfully incorporating a futuristic vibe results in a raw masterpiece with wide appeal. There is an inescapable funk element to the beat, and the UK garage influences give it that rock thrill to authenticate such a hypnotic sound that leaves a listener wanting more.

With this track, HJ Soul has created a simmering synergy of vibrant, bouncing sound that crackles with old-school energy, leaving a listener hungry for more.

This track is a huge demonstration of the limitless versatility and creativity that have flanked HJ Soul’s career this far and pins him as the artist to watch with his dynamic sound, guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on all who listen to it.

HJ Soul is undoubtedly making his mark in the entertainment world and shows no inclination to slow down any time soon.

To feel the magic, click the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel, give this release a ‘like’, and add it to your playlist

Check out more music from HJ Soul, including his new emotional and cinematic single “Unbreakable” which is already streaming on popular channels.

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