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Multifaceted entertainer and artist, Hobart is set to release his new party anthem, dubbed “Finally Friday”

The man, the myth, the legend: Hobart is not your average entertainer or artist; within him lies a man with unique talents that have earned him a stellar presence in the industry’s ranking. Not only is he a revered musician, but he is also an incredibly gifted author, show host, and actor who balances all these qualities with striking efficiency…signs of a man who was born ready for the spotlight. His music fuses elements of punk, rock, and soul, backed by his captivatingly melodious vocals that adapt effortlessly to various musical productions with spellbinding effects. His tracks often reflect real-world experiences, often borrowing inspiration from his personal experiences and emotions to create music that is relatable, uplifting, and inspiring.

Well, he is back, and this time he comes with a feel-good, catchy, and vibrant masterpiece dubbed “Finally Friday” that revels in its definite sense of punk rock swagger and personality.

Right from the opening notes, Hobart immerses you in an upbeat soundscape that has been concocted by the intensive guitar riffs and the pounding drums. Hobart breathes life with his self-assured and immensely expressive vocals…the gist of this track resides in that unforgettable chorus that will keep playing in your head long after the song is no more.

With its happy-go-lucky, cheerful, and carefree mood, this song exudes some positive vibes, and the catchy lyrics and memorable chorus mean that it is an engaging anthem that you can sing along to as you dance joyfully to the vibrant instrumentation…what’s there not to love about this rock thriller?

Accompanying it is an anime-inspired music video that will officially debut on Hobart’s @BigSushiVampire YouTube channel this coming Friday, September 29, 2023.

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“Finally Friday” will officially be available for streaming on October 1, 2023. To be among the first to hear it when it drops, please pre-save this tune and wait patiently for your new party anthem!


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