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Up-and-coming artist Hooley captures deep emotions and creative passion in his new single “Is this real?” creating an ambient musical journey

From Hungary, up-and-coming musician and composer Hooley’s boundary-pushing artistry allows him to create music that reminds each and every one of us of the beauty of individuality and the magic that can happen when passion meets creativity. With his latest single, “Is this real?” , an ambient and cinematic masterpiece, he embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery and empowerment, inviting listeners to join him in celebrating unapologetic creativity and personal growth. From the opening notes to the outro, this track is sure to leave a lasting impact long after the music stops.

The ethereal beauty of “Is this real?” is conjured up from the opening notes as the delicately haunting piano notes and exquisite cinematic effects exude an ambient thrill that is more felt and experienced rather than heard.

The atmospheric instrumentation mirrors a poignant feel, perhaps stemming from the track’s inspiration of battling mixed emotions, depression, and anxiety. The hauntingly beautiful melodies delve into the universal struggles of inner conflict and destructive cycles through poignant and emotional tones.

Despite its dark themes, the song radiates hope and resilience. Its ethereal feel provides a cathartic release, resonating with listeners who have felt trapped in their own minds.

Hooley channeled all of his anxiety and put it into a song—like millions of others, he also struggles with anxiety, depression, and mixed emotions, so he made “Is this real?” about struggling to break free from the cycles that hold us back. If you relate to this, Hooley hopes this song will help you feel a little less alone.

An ambient tour de force, “Is this real?” is a huge testament to the power of music to speak to the heart and soul even without words.

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