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Get a Stellar Dose of ElectroPop Music With Hooyoosay’s New Single “Susue”

Built solely by different artists from around the world, Hooyoosay often aims to create a new enigmatic soundscape that intervenes basic pop music in a mélange of various sound effects, with the aim of providing listeners with a record that can rejuvenate memories. Because of their versatility, the different artists like to break down each rhythmic part and transform the conceptual distinctions into something new. This time, they created an exceptional track called “Susue” with marvelous beats of electronic pop swings to create a deep impact of mirth that lingers in our heavenly realm.

“Susue” induces a major impact via dynamic and layered tones, exposing the physical prowess of gripping intensity throughout Hooyoosay’s connection to music: they’ve left nothing back in quest of the craft, and this song proves it. – the atmospheric and sultry shifting soundscapes swirling all across “Susue” are a clear representation of their profound imaginations.


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