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SHOUT Radio Get up close and personal with the prolific rap artist HotPink as she divulges everything from music to entrepreneurship.

A prolific rap artist and successful entrepreneur, particularly with her official clothing brand, ‘Her Juice,’ known for its unique drip. HotPink embodies black female excellence. She has been a trendsetter, and in an era where there are so many copycats and ‘wannabes’, many are actually unaware that she is the creative mind behind ‘Her Juice’. As she prepares to make a musical comeback and deliver what her loyal fan base has become accustomed to, she participated in a phone interview with SHOUT Radio, where she shared insights on various topics, even addressing her copycats.

In this in-depth interview, HotPink talks about her career, the kind of music she makes, how she has been evolving over the past decade in order to appeal more to the music industry today, and how it all began with her clothing brand, ‘Her Juice’—an idea that was conceived back in 2012.

As someone who has seen her style copied by industry heavyweights like Rihanna, Beyonce, and many others, she was asked if, similar to Drake’s sentiment, she finds such imitations flattering or annoying.…well she has some nice words to say about Riri and Bey but she wasn’t holding back on Doja and Megan Thee Stallion…guess you’ll find out what she had to say.

HotPink also talks about her career as a professional chef and delves into the most anticipated news about her musical comeback.

To her loyal fans and new listeners alike, she’s about to set the music world ablaze with some hot bangers expected very soon, and she reminds everyone just in case they forget who the ‘real hot girl’ is!

This is such an eye-opening interview for an artist who has always been breaking new ground in relentless pursuit of excellence and who is not stopping what she’s passionate about. Be prepared for her impact!

She also had some words of wisdom for up-and-coming musicians and creators on trademarking their work, especially in this era where there are so many channels of creative expression, such as TikTok.

Importantly, HotPink is back and ready to take it to the next level.

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