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Germany-based up-and-coming tech house producer Hunt3r’s debut album “AI” is a thing of melodic beauty!

Hunt3r - AI

Hunt3r is at the dawn of what he hopes will be a flourishing career in the field of EDM production. His dynamic creativity has always been driven by his passion for both music and technology. He also loves it when the audiences can’t stop dancing to the music, and as someone who started DJing at a tender age, he has had his fair share of experiences with live audiences at gigs and night clubs!

“AI” is a 7-track album that celebrates Berlin City: its people, culture, lifestyle, and the super-lovely nightlife from the revelers, who are quite renowned for their super inventive way of having a good time.

With some fast-paced, deep driving beats over superb production and deft arrangement, you get a slightly over 37-minute listening experience that is visceral and cathartic.

Hunt3r taps into that golden age of electronic music and delivers it with a more modern twist to fashion something that is nostalgic, yet relevant. Unheard of and still warmly familiar!

While none of the tracks in this collection sound the same, they share a common denominator: perception, liveliness, cathartic quality, impression, and catchiness as deep as a fingerprint!

Adrenaline-rushing, goosebumps-rising, and dance floor annihilators, this is the kind of music that makes you lose yourself with all your manners—throw caution out to the wind and dance the night away jubilantly like no one’s watching and with reckless abandon as you operate in that state of music-induced euphoria!

My favorites from the entire collection are, “Cybernetic Rhythm”, “Synthetic Dreams”, “Digital Dominion,” and “Neon Nightscape,” and there is also something about “Rave Nation” that had my lunatic side slipping off uncontrollably with my body conforming to new ways of dancing as I cranked the volume all the way up and disturbed my neighbors for quite some time…I am very proud of myself today, thanks to Hunt3r’s ingenious sound invention to engineer such a masterpiece in tech house music transcendence!

I know I have kept you waiting long enough…it’s with a full heart that I recommend to you Hunt3r’s debut project, “AI” I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as he enjoyed making it!

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