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Music composer Ian Chung returns with an enchanting jazz carol dubbed “Time for Christmas” featuring Joaquinn Deleonn & Nicolás Posternak Trío.

Exploring the depths of neoclassical music is the musical wizard Ian Chung, whose genre, which is not easily defined, adds to the music’s special allure. He proudly swims in the ever-evolving waters of alternative jazz. It is a style that embodies the spirit of jazz and neo-classical music but is unrestricted by convention. It’s a sensational melting pot where neo-classical’s improvisational magic meets the experimental and avant-garde. In his music, you’ll find the soulful melodies, complex harmonies, and rhythmic intricacies that jazz is known for. He takes this further by incorporating elements from various musical realms. This is a genre-bending sound that embraces that sense of freedom, encouraging him to push the envelope, explore uncharted territories, and challenge the norm!

Chung returns with a captivating tune titled “Time for Christmas”. This piece features an ear-catching jazz melody and rhythm that highlights Chung’s compositional skill and creativity. Contrary to typical jazz ensembles, this composition does not include brass instruments, focusing instead on a unique blend of other musical elements.

“Time for Christmas” is brought to life through collaborations, with Joaquinn Deleonn providing vocals and the Nicolás Posternak Trío delivering a stunning jazz session performance. The melody engages listeners from the start, maintaining their attention throughout.

A prime fusion of piano virtuosity, double bass, and drums, spreading delightful melodies all around, as the warm and ear-catching vocals breathe life into the piece.

With this jam, Ian showcases that he is not just a musician; he’s a magician of melodies, a virtuoso of the piano, and a wizard of improvisation. His exceptional talent adds a unique dimension to this song, with rich, soulful tones and mesmerizing solos that can move mountains.

“Time for Christmas” is much more than a song; it’s a celebration of a season long associated with us — a season for love, sharing, and togetherness.

Just in time for the festive season, “Time for Christmas” should be part of your Christmas playlist. Use the link below to add it to your collection, and don’t forget to share it with friends, family, and others.


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