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Versatile music producer Ian Moi stirs emotions and moves the body with his new jam, “When I Think of You (In My Dreams)”

If there is someone who knows just how special music is or can be, then it has to be Ian Moi. The Dublin, Ireland-based music producer has a knack for creating infectious beats and an ability to capture various emotions with his production prowess. That is why his abrupt halt in music production came as a shock, something that deeply saddened his loyal fanbase, who had already become accustomed to his feel-good and energy-fueled music that spoke to their hearts as much as their souls. Well, after taking that unexpected hiatus, Ian Moi is back, bigger and better, eager to showcase his high-grade musical skills once again. And this time, he comes bearing gifts; – a plethora of collaborations with some of the most gifted artists the musical realm has to offer.

Music, especially dance music, has a certain irresistible power to transport audiences to different dimensions and realms. Ian Moi is simply more than happy and feels privileged to be the captain of this sonic spaceship. The song “When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” stirs emotions and gets feet moving thanks to that infectious concoction of rhythm and melody.

Melodies peppered with house music elements blend seamlessly with dance and tropical influences to create a soundtrack that transcends mere musical appeal. Listeners who enjoy romantic, anthemic, and danceable music will be deeply impressed with this immersive sonic experience that captivates beyond the five senses!

With meticulous attention to detail, the end result is a precise, refined, and polished beat that sees Ian peep into the past while stepping into the future. This magnificent blend of melody and harmony provides the perfect backdrop, captivatingly complementing the heavenly male vocals that are enchanting and elevate the song to new heights.

The romance-flavored lyrics are catchy and memorable, accentuating the anthemic allure of the song and making it easy to sing along as you dance with carefree abandon.

The cover art cleverly depicts the song’s theme: a woman holding two dogs on leashes on the road, depicting a family setting, and the need for the author to want to get back to that life. I also don’t think it’s a straight-up coincidence that this picture has dogs. Given Ian’s background as a certified dog trainer, there may be poetic significance in this imagery.

“When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” is a sound design achieved right. The patient and lucid build-up showcases Ian Moi’s experience, musical excellence, and artistic integrity, and when the deep-driving, high-energy rhythms start dropping, they drop with a thrill and such nostalgic appeal…it’s like you’ve heard them before, but you can’t quite wrap your head around them. That sense of mystery adds to the fascination and excitement of the tune, which will still linger in the heart long after the final notes fade away.

A tour de force with replay value, “When I Think of You (In My Dreams)” is what Ian is capable of delivering; evocative music that elicits deep emotions, tells a relatable story, and warms the heart.

There is so much more from where this masterpiece comes from; all you have to do is search and enjoy music that has gone through a punctilious preparation process and served with the utmost professionalism.

This and other new tracks on the way mark Ian’s musical comeback as he seeks to continue from where he left off, satisfying electronic dance music enthusiasts’ cravings, one hit at a time!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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