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Multi-disciplinary violinist and musician iLLann’s debut single “Protector” is deeply haunting and delightfully charming!

“Protector” is a masterpiece that was written while iLLann was still a teenager but still holds so much relevance to today’s world, which goes on to showcase her songwriting knack. “Protector” was way ahead of its time back then, and the delivery now feels so timeless, haunting, and catchy. I guess it’s what you get from an artist who has been surrounded by music all her life and has had to learn from the best; most of whom are her family members.

When you listen to a tune like “Protector” it immediately dawns on you that this is the kind of masterpiece that is actually less heard and more experienced. There are a great deal of evocative elements in this piece that put you in another dimension.

The classically haunting violin left such a lasting impression on me, as did iLLann’s equally haunting, incredible, and beautiful-sounding vocals, which float nicely over the concoction of violin and fiddle, adding to the sonic elegance and crystal clear polish of this ear candy.

I also love how genre-defiant and dynamic “Protector” is, particularly with that arresting trip-hop sensibility that draws the listener in and rewards them with an intoxicating feeling that you don’t want to snap out of.

A magical, haunting, authentic, and impactful composition that echoes the vital need to claim the masculinity and femininity that lurk inside of each and every one of us and be our own protectors instead of simply relying on others or society to provide that sense of safety, love, or happiness, “Protector” is indeed worthy of a listen.

This is the most authentic music I have listened to in a while; the profundity and heartfelt conviction in iLLann’s performance give the track its immediate authenticity, and its trippy thrill creates a sense of dissonance and detachment that is indescribably beautiful.

As someone who is now at the summit of her creative expression, a listener can expect more and more moving materials from her. Her next single, “Portal to Chaos” is already on the horizon and expected to drop when the timing is right.

For now, follow the attached link in order to start a lifelong love affair with “Protector” as your favorite piece to always go back to now and then.

To get up close and personal with iLLann, follow her on her Instagram page.

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