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Image Unveils Their New Single “Tears in Heaven”

Who has a better chance of succeeding in a competitive r&b scene than the adult contemporary group Image?  With their enthralling and thrilling musical compositions, which stand out with their powerful castle of lyrics, the team has undoubtedly glided to the top of the big-tent rhythms. Their compositions have the most catchy hooks and are highlighted by their most reliable vocalists who gladly surf an exciting r&b line to highlight the overall musicality.  The members of the band prove their craftsmanship, and each release serves as a mood-setter. It’s their most inviting soulful r&b, with a melody line that adds to their uniqueness.

They deliver a dreamlike ambiance that fills an environment with a lot of warmth on their new single, “Tears in Heaven,” while focusing on elements that are genuinely unimaginable and fully eccentric. By combining sultry rhythmic shifts, and vocal detailing, they offer a definitive arena of harmonic and creative boundlessness.

When it comes to making tracks, Image is a band that isn’t afraid to push all limits and go far beyond creative reach. The band’s beautiful music never fails to impress the audience, and they are always striving for something new and exciting to present.


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