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East coast emcee Impakct’s new “Automation” EP is what’s needed in hip hop right now!

Impakct has to be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper; he is no ordinary artist. He is a man plying his own lane, and it really takes much more than swag, unequalled stage presence, and witty charm to beat him…he’s got it all. As someone who has relentlessly pursued his passion for the hip-hop craft, he has gone on to discover his purpose to inspire, uplift, and evoke emotion through sound.

Taking influence from the real hip-hop sound, Impakct embodies east coast culture and lifestyle with his craft. Through a combination of hard work, determination, raw talent, and the sheer will to succeed, Impakct has been in the game for years now. Impakct fuses his lyrical experience into punchy rap messages laid over unique, sometimes trippy hip-hop beats.

When he’s not blending sounds or crafting bars, Impakct is a proud father who always makes time for his family. You know artists like to talk about authenticity and brag about how original they sound…sometimes for the sake of it. I just finished listening to Impakct’s 6-track project, “Automation,” and I can say that this is one of the most authentic projects I have listened to in quite a while!

Talk about that head-banging and hypnotizing intro, “Bullets” which sees Impakct come out gun blazing as he delivers the hip-hop song of the year. What they did with those beats needs to be adapted for the school music curriculum. That’s an authentic beat arrangement that lays the foundation on which Impakct thrives as he goes on to unleash a lyrical dominance that will shock and awe you in equal measure.

The beats are crunchy and punchy, the kind that gets you hyped up and makes you move to the rhythm. There is also that nostalgic vibe to them, and Impakct’s astonishing lyrical display leaves nothing to be desired. Deploying an intoxicating concoction of masterful flows, visual metaphors, intelligent word play, hard-hitting bars, and punchline-heavy rhymes, this track is one of the greatest representations of Impakct’s lyrical ability and versatility. It is no surprise that this track has received such widespread critical acclaim, with more than 29K Spotify streams already!

“Bullets” is actually dynamic, and the DJ scratches from the turntable add such depth and elegance on top of Impakct’s heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrical conviction.

“Boom Shot” has Impakct’s defiant blood running all over it; making his mark over the street-glamorous old-school production, he delivers an onslaught of bars from the start all the way to the end without ever straining for effort. He is like a machine in human form with the way he just goes on and on without ever stopping to take a breath; it’s like a relentless athlete

“Technically Dependent” is yet another critically acclaimed masterpiece from the collection, with more than 17K Spotify streams. In this banger, Impakct comes harder with a track oozing charisma, authenticity, raw talent, and offering high replay value. This is such a lyrical masterclass in contemporary hip-hop with its blend of trap, soul, and old school elements.

Listen, Impakct brings his A-game throughout his performances on this EP and thus elevates “Automation” to a whole new level!

“Automation” is the mark of a first-class emcee, songwriter, and performer, as he delivers raw lyricism over gritty production. His sound and style are poised and confident, and his sound and style embody the authentic and unique

Impakct’s music is distinct and comprehensive and really speaks for itself; he speaks to the mic as if it is his personal diary, and that is what makes his craft so genuine.

To experience this masterclass in hip-hop and rap, follow the attached link and enjoy this performance worthy of a virtuoso.

To stay updated with Impakct’s latest releases and news, follow him on Instagram.


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