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Swiftly rising cover artist and electronic drum wizard Intiaz Haniff revitalizes Brendan Benson’s “Good To Me” with an electrifying rendition.

Intiaz Haniff, a budding musician and aspiring actor, has unleashed a dynamic and innovative new release, “Good To Me,” breathing new life into Brendan Benson’s original track, also covered by the rock duo The White Stripes. In his ingenious rendition, Intiaz brings a refreshing twist to this timeless and lesser-known gem from the music world.

“Good To Me” pulses to life with electrifying energy, driven by captivating electric guitar riffs that establish a commanding tone right from the start. As the song progresses, Intiaz skillfully weaves together layers of electronic drums and roaring electric riffs, creating a sonic tapestry that seamlessly melds rhythmic melodies with raucous rock intensity.

At the heart of this rendition are the emotive and expressive squeaky-clean vocals that glide effortlessly between moments of melodious rhythmicity and ferocious rock ‘n roll energy. The song’s anthemic quality, marked by easily quotable and repeatable phrases, makes it an irresistible addition to any playlist, promising an immersive and invigorating listening experience.

This rendition is not just a track, but an experience; a heart-melting fusion of electronic and rock elements that invites listeners to the dance floor, guiding them through uncharted territories, making it an essential addition to any sonic exploration.

Intiaz’s approach to revitalizing this classic track showcases his prowess in infusing fresh energy and innovation into lesser-known musical treasures. His rendition of “Good To Me” encapsulates a perfect balance between honoring the essence of the original while infusing it with his own electrifying and captivating style.

With this release, Intiaz Haniff establishes himself as an artist with a keen ability to reimagine and rejuvenate songs, offering listeners an exhilarating musical journey that pays homage to the roots of rock while presenting it through a modern and vibrant lens.

Follow the link below to add this tour de force to your playlist. It comes highly recommended for everyone who appreciates great music.


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