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Orlando’s finest hip-hop artist, Ivan ATS, is set to release his new album, “In All the Wrong Places.”

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Ivan ATS is a first-class rapper and songwriter who discovered his passion for rap music at a young age. While his peers were interested in babyish stuff from cartoons to Disney Land and such, he always gravitated towards the art of music- showcasing an insatiate curiosity of wanting to know how everything worked in music. He says that he looks up to rap artists such as Mac Miller, Kanye West, J. Cole, Rick Ross, and 50 Cent as he carves his own lane in the ever-expanding and growing hip-hop music scene.

On June 9, 2023, Ivan ATS will release for his cult following as well as new followers with a thing for conscious hip-hop and rap. This is a next-level project for him as he takes the rap music industry by storm; this is the “In All the Wrong Places” album.

A project rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop genre, there is something for everyone; from neck-snapping trap anthems, old-school-inspired jams, unique cadences, and innovations, a listener is in for a treat with this special masterpiece.

As much as Ivan ATS is influenced by the hip-hop greats before him, he also takes cues from everyday life, displaying an inimitable knack for transferring real-life situations into melodies with universal appeal that resonates with unique audiences.

“In All the Wrong Places” is a project guaranteed to showcase that hip-hop is more than just the music; this is the art and a form of storytelling.

Ivan ATS has built a reputation for making anthems that celebrate wins and talk about adversities and sensitive issues with unwavering intensity. In fact, very few artists manage to stay true to their Orlando roots while also showcasing the charisma and talent necessary to transcend its world-renowned identity.

However, Ivan has shown himself to be just that while also making a standout case as one of the new heavyweights in a city that boasts quite a revered legacy in all of hip-hop.

Mark June 9, 2023, on your calendar, and follow Ivan ATS closely on all his social platforms for real-time updates!



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