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Columbus Multifaceted Rapper and Songwriter Jacey J. Has a New Affecting and Emotional Masterpiece “You Ruined Everything”

jacey j. is an artist in the limelight, and his music style demands attention not only in his hometown of Columbus, OH, but outside of it as well. We are giving him his flowers today while he can still smell them because he has been able to stay relevant for a decade now and he is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, he is now more motivated than ever to succeed at the highest level, as he has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is capable. Not one with limits, he is easily at home with the hip hop sound as he is with the pop and electronic sound as well!

jacey j. can’t keep calm as he announces his new masterpiece, “You Ruined Everything.” One thing you have to understand is that a lot of time and effort went into the making of this piece to ensure a complete package that will not be denied by its listener came off of it!

Seeking the services of the renowned New York-based producer Arthur Pingrey, who has worked with famed artists and generational talents, the duo got straight down to business, and the result is this ineffably delightful body of work.

I have listened to this track repeatedly, and each time I get a different emotion from the previous one. Suffice it to say its eclectic nature is infected onto a listener’s feelings with each successive listening experience. That guitar intro is other-worldly, and I really admire the patience in the buildup, which prepares a listener for something seemingly magical!

On the vocal front, jacey j. is his usual calm, composed, and confident self as he glossily sings over the epic beats in a way that breaks the boundaries of pop and hip hop distinctly. He comes off dreamy and with emo-inspired delivery that drives droves of hurtful but necessary emotions throughout the track!

The drums and steady basslines give this tune its hip-hop quintessence, whilst the Wurlitzer piano and the electronic guitars give it the sonic warmth and clarity of pop and electronic, which is why a tune of this immensity is bound to appeal to a wide variety of listeners even outside of their genre preferences!

“You Ruined Everything” is finally gathering the courage and will to call out the other person for who they are as you reclaim your self-worth and call it quits because this was their doing and now the bridge has already been burned and there is no turning back!

jacey j. gives his heart and soul into this performance, and producer Arthur makes it worth his while. For a listener out there, this is a must-have in your playlist… I can guarantee you that.

There is a lot to love about “You Ruined Everything” and I intend for you to find out just about this moment; follow the attached link and come back with your notes so we can compare!

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