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New York City’s finest rapper, singer, and producer, Jackson Reese, takes us on a musical summer getaway with “Days of Summer”

The feeling of summer is here, even though it’s September, but Jackson Reese brings those memories back like they were yesterday with his “Days of Summer” project reminds us of those warm summer memories. Let’s get back to the topic. This multi-talented artist, who excels as a rapper, singer/songwriter, producer, and engineer has been blurring genre lines, especially rap and R&B with his Caribbean roots, takes us on a heartfelt journey through summer with this 7-track album where he dives into the good, the bad, and the extremely hurtful of the summer season—in this case, that gripping heartbreak that starts to hold when the sun dies down and the leaves start falling!

“Days of Summer” brilliantly captures the essence of the season packaged in the form of storytelling with gripping tunes and heartfelt melodies backed by Jackson’s immensely expressive voice and his lyrical ingenuity…he surely knows how to pack an appropriate punch.

I’ve listened to this album from the first track all the way to the last one without skipping, and I can tell you for free that it is worth your time. I love how he balances the tunes; there are poignant, old-school-flavored jams as well as ebullient, catchy, and danceable jams with contagious energy to appeal to a wider audience. One thing is for sure: this album resonates with so many of us who have experienced summer seasons back to back as we grew from young adults to not-so-young adults!

The intro, “Days of Summer (Intro),” sees the lady’s voice-over delve into the depths of what summer is to most of us. I really love her accent; it sounds British to me.

With the foundation laid, Jackson wears his heart on his sleeve and takes us on an unforgettable ride that is brimming with such awe-inspiring musicianship and first-class execution. “Summer Nights II” features a nostalgic production and has been performed with such a reminiscent tone, perfectly mirroring the track’s mood as Jackson reminisces about his summer memories and how life was good back then with nothing to worry about and living life to the fullest. His intricate wordplay is a huge testament to his unmatched lyrical skills and cadence.

“I’m Good” is catchy and upbeat with undeniable instrumentation and Caribbean influences, and it works really well with the feel-good mood that inspires it. Gently yet powerfully gliding over the beat, Jackson’s performance here is an ode to living large and enjoying life’s most precious moments as we get them. The infectious hook here means that this track will stay in your head a bit longer!

“Down For Me” has an inquisitive tone and is a subtle ballad delivered with hearts left feeling heavy, much like the falling autumn leaves. Jackson’s sweet-sounding R&B-flavored vocals oscillate through the soundscape, exuding such irresistible allure. So imagine that summer moment, crank up the volume, look her straight in the eye, and ask, “Are you down for me?”

“Int’l Reese II” is hip hop music personified: a pure, uncut rap beat that has been ingeniously tapped from the old school era and performed with present-day twists to cut across two generations with such swagger and personality. Jackson then unleashes a rap masterclass that cuts across borders as airplanes, trains, boats, or cars weave through towns and countries full of beaming faces, ready to kick off their summer vacations and enjoy those getaways like it’s the last summer of their lives!

And since everything good comes to an end, the summer flings and relationships are not left behind, and as the fast-paced, funky, and pop-flavored “Heartbreak Summer” ends this enchanting album, so do most summer love stories…hearts left to drop with the falling autumn leaves!

This is a bona fide album that is intriguing and deeply relatable. As such, I can’t find any reason why you shouldn’t have it on your playlist!

Follow the link below and enjoy this raw masterpiece!


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