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Jacob Augustine’s “This Ain’t Livin’” is an uplifting ode to self!

Jacob Augustine This Ain’t Livin

Jacob Augustine is a true artist and definitely has a sound and strength all his own as he takes it upon himself to restore the lost glory of the rockabilly genre’s stylistic legacy. This is not surprising, given Jacob’s roots in the world of roots music, where lyrics and authenticity are highly valued and still stand for something. As a recovering alcoholic, his music has become an open diary and a way to express himself when he previously could not. Discussing the trials & tribulations he faced when he was caught up deep in the bottle’s gutter in a manner many can relate to, his music provides that sense of solace to listeners battling similar or other challenges in life.

His latest stripped-back and hauntingly single, “This Ain’t Livin’” is an uplifting ode to self; to self-love and worth, & to the healing power of control over adversity. It is, you might say, the perfect song for 2023. The track feels honest and mature, and sonically, this is where Jacob Augustine has got to go as an artist.

You can never doubt the guitar virtuosity that has always been the fabric of Jacob’s music, and in “This Ain’t Livin’” that is short, precise with succinct lyrics backed by a towering command in delivery. There are theatrics and awe-inspiring showmanship!

His voice, which is cognac and has a compulsive cowboy-ish aura, certainly fits in with this stripped-back, evocative musical style that powerfully blends elements of country, folk, and the blues. If anything, “This Ain’t Livin’” confirms something that you can already guess: Jacob Augustine is a man of mystery, crafting music that is both timeless and completely of the moment.

If you are feeling a little dejected and on the verge of falling victim to your own misery, let Jacob sing into your heart and soul, and maybe you’ll see things differently. Follow the attached link and bear your soul open!


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