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California-based Singer/Songwriter Jade Defrancia’s Heartfelt Single “See You Again” Is a Touching Work of Tribute

Hailing from California in the United States is the phenomenally gifted songstress Jade Defrancia, who has literally been lifting listeners’ spirits and warming their hearts with her gifts in singing and songwriting relatable narratives. She has dedicated herself to spreading joy, positivity, and love through her music so that anyone listening in can find a reason to feel alive again and embrace their identities as well as the primal heroes that live within them. This article gives Jade Defrancia her flowers because, while many may not realize it, her impact is sizeable with an ever-increasing catalog of loyal fans who are smitten and moved not only by her musical gifts but also by her mammoth heart!

In what is a very personal and heartfelt delivery, “See You Again” is a tribute track to Jade Defrancia’s husband’s close cousin, who passed away leaving a wife and two sons. From just her delivery, you can tell that this loss pained her excruciatingly, and she admits that emotionally, “See You Again” is the hardest song she has ever had to write.

From the first note, there is just a way this track rests upon your soul; there is that scintillating touch of the piano that is accompanied by the most beautiful, sweet-talking and mellifluous, melancholic-sounding female voice you have ever listened to as it curses through your ears straight into your exposed heart.

In her delivery, she leaves no emotion untouched and it will relate to anyone who has ever lost anyone close to them and they can’t help but sadly relive the fond memories they shared together and just wish they could see them even if it was just for a mere second!

The piano instrumentation and percussion were just perfect to drive the emotions of this track forward while giving it a cinematic feel. Listening through “See You Again” I got myself hit with a similar wave of emotions I always get when I listen to Rihanna’s “Stay” song; the inspiration behind these two tracks are obviously different but the raw emotions in both of them are really similar.

I know Jade Defrancia’s husband’s cousin is really proud and acknowledges this melody from a very quiet and peaceful place. “See You Again” is actually a single from Jade’s upcoming “Not Every Dream Is Jaded” album that is scheduled for the 31st of January 2023.

To give “See You Again” a listen; follow the attached link, stream it and find a place for it under your favorite playlist!

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