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Pittsburgh artist and producer Jason Myrla creates a hauntingly beautiful and cinematic body of work themed “Rich And Famous.”

There is absolutely no limit when it comes to the flair of one multitalented artist, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jason Myrla, based in Pittsburgh. His creativity was fueled by playing at local clubs before he started releasing his original material in 2002. He has embarked on a genre-bending journey characterized by constant evolution and discovery, crafting a strikingly eclectic sound that blends 80s pop with elements of rock, soul, and hip-hop. Cleverly evading the stylistic barriers that define genres, he has been able to come up with music that transcends the ordinary and the obvious. He takes inspiration from universal and accessible subject matters, evoking current issues that touch our hearts. The music is an invitation to disconnect from the chaotic world, to go beyond the limits, and to think freely.

Jason returns with an epic masterpiece dubbed “Rich and Famous,” characterized by its breathtakingly moving and hauntingly cinematic feel.

Everything, from the buildup to the execution, is spot on, showcasing Jason Myrla’s production virtuosity as the impressive blend of rhythm and melody unfolds like real-life events.

I like the way the robotic-like vocals have been melded with the driving beats, the heavy basslines, intricate percussion, stunning synths, and epic pads. It gives the track its life and as it progresses, you’ve got to appreciate how skillfully Jason departs from the use of the vocals, focusing primarily on the beat progression.

Just like some things are inevitable, artists, whether accomplished or upcoming, sometimes struggle to come to terms with the massive wealth and popularity that mainstream showbiz brings. That is why cases of drug abuse, crime, and lack of responsibility among famous people have always been on the rise. With this track, Jason wanted to convey an important message: to anyone wishing to be rich and famous, you’ve got to get a hold of yourself first and assume control, because everything can go down the drain quickly before you even know what’s happening.

The cinematic appeal makes you feel like you are watching a Christopher Nolan film, and the accompanying visuals, which are striking and of the highest quality, elevate the appeal of this track tenfold!

A sensational blend of nostalgic pop, rock, and hip-hop with soulful elements, “Rich and Famous” cuts across genres with captivating allure. It is such an honor to recommend to you such an outstanding body of work. Enjoy!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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