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Up and coming female songster from Liverpool Jennifer King is set to release her new single “Go”

Jennifer King Go

At just 15 years old, Jennifer King has the world at both her feet, and from deep within her gentle self is an expression of a brave girl ready to take on the world and astonish it with her musical gifts. Her sweet music is a medley of contemporary R&B, pop, and genuine storytelling. As someone who strives to hit the heart of conviction, depth and purpose, her rich sound is capable of enhancing the mood and atmosphere of any place and person.

Jennifer emanates the kind of confidence you can only earn. Speaking her mind through unshakable anthems that have been spiked with style, soul, and spirit, her sky-high ambition matched with a work ethic to match is why she is set to consistently progress in the music scene with clarity and without compromise.

Embracing her poise, passion, and power like never before, Jennifer King has a message that would go well with the current crop of Gen Zers in her sonically heartwarming and inviting track dubbed “Go.”

I’m yet to comprehend how such a young girl could hold such a grown woman’s effortlessly powerful voice as this! With a crystal clear polish, her angelic glossy and delicately powerful voice floats nicely as she exudes a contemporary R&B demeanor in her performance over the melodies that possess a fulfilling melodic pop poise.

With the lush and exquisite soundscapes exuding gratifying harmony and rhythm, Jennifer’s performance on the vocal front is one to behold; she is just naturally elegant, effortlessly making an anthem out of her inspirational lines that tell of the tale of contentment with each and every stage of life that she is at and why she is not folding under pressure in trying to “fit in” with other people’s and indeed the world’s narrative—a message that so many of us could do with!

The strength of “Go” lies in the depth of the lyrics and the gracious manner in which Jennifer King delivers; it, therefore, goes without saying that Jennifer is indeed the next emerging queen of the airwaves from Europe, and you should get prepared for a blissful takeover!


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