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Eclectic Queen of the Airwaves Jill Jay’s New Single “Take Time” Epitomizes Entrancing Musical Experience!

Jill Jay is a multi-genre artist whose cornucopia of gifts sees her craft melodies with roots in R&B, pop, alternative, contemporary classics, and tropical house effortlessly. As someone who hails from a musical family, coupled with her insatiable passion for music, Jill has always nurtured that boundless love of music from a tender age, which has never faltered or wavered. Ever since she started releasing her music, Jill has maintained a career spanning four years of consistent success. If you thought that this is it, then you probably don’t know Jill Jay that well; she has barely scratched the surface, and now that she is in the best shape of her musical career, you can expect nothing short of musical greatness—Jill is like a major maverick blazing an undeniable trail!

Her tune “Take Time” has been critically acclaimed with over 64K streams on Spotify alone, and it is absolutely deserving of these tremendous numbers; this tuneful track really is catchy and glorious, and the gracious manner in which it is performed brings with it fond memories that you didn’t even know you had!

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The keyboard is hit with such charisma, and there is an orderliness to this tune that is admirable; it begins somewhat laid back and grows with the inspiration behind the tale, taking its listener with it as Jill Jay’s angelic vocals drive the emotions of the tune in indescribably beautiful and imposing ways.

Jill Jay was able to strike a near-perfect balance between pop and R&B to create a genre-defying impact, and I feel the marriage between her velvety, honeyed, and faultlessly powerful vocals and the pop-esque instrumentation gives this tune its infectious attribute. Once you listen to this tune, it is not easy to lose its taste; it stays with you even when you are not listening to the track.

The singing style and delivery really highlight Jill Jay’s mature songwriting expertise; she has a commendable sense of phrasing, and the way she exercises vocal control is impeccable. The subtle, sad-induced emotions surrounding the theme of the track also make this track an emotionally relatable one, and, coming to think of it, “Take Time” is the kind of tune distilled for the rare occasions of seemingly incurable sadness!

The cover art also stands out and is eye-catching. I could go on and on but I’ll stop for now to let you experience this authentic masterpiece.

Follow the attached link to stream “Take Time” and let us know how you feel about the strikingly beautiful and phenomenally gifted songstress and her music.

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