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International music composer and producer, Jimmy de la Mar, is set to release his new funky anthem, “I Just Need To Know”

With such a stunning repertoire that spans just about 24 songs and two albums, Jimmy de la Mar is a veteran in the game who has over three decades of experience in the music industry. As an artist, producer, and composer coming up, Jimmy always knew that his music would create transcendental moments; he just never imagined that it would go on to pin him at the summit of the music charts. Listeners have said his music transports them to different worlds; from one song to the next, Jimmy’s music reaches its listeners’ souls and eases their fragments of pain, bringing some respite from the harsh world at times.

Taking his creative inspiration to the next level, his upcoming song “I Just Need To Know” is a super funky anthem with danceable beats, enchanting vocal samples, and Jimmy’s signature production stamp all over it.

He confides in us that he had actually produced a track for a famous funk and soul track, but he lacked the consent of the composer. He had the vocal track from that piece, and since it was in the same key as his own remix, he decided to incorporate it, and that is how this evocative, addicting, and danceable masterpiece was born.

Set to an alluring funk and soul beat that has been meticulously crafted, lovingly arranged, and immaculately produced, this track is guaranteed to get you up on your feet and dancing joyfully from the get-go.

The vocals are delightfully charming and give this track such depth, sonic elegance, and flair. I also love the way Jimmy de la Mar taps into nostalgia to engineer a tune that has some classical elements, provoking thoughts and imagery of the old school times where it was all about the good times and great music.

“I Just Need To Know” is a captivating addition to Jimmy de la Mar’s impressive repertoire as he continues pushing genre boundaries and redefining empowerment through music and art while also inspiring others to pursue infinite possibility.

With his eclectic music style that spans tropical, disco house, EDM, R&B, commercial, and others, there is no limit to what Jimmy de la Mar can achieve musically.

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