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Fast-rising reggaeton artist Jly crafts a sonic tapestry with “Los Tiempos de Antes,” blending rhythm, emotion, and resilience.

Born in Mexico City on February 24, 1999, life moved fast for a young José Luis Pérez Carvajal to keep up with, and before he knew it, he was suffering from anxiety disorders and OCD at only 3. His teenage years were also not spared from life’s ugly blemishes, which saw him indulge in drug abuse and experience an overdose at some point, something that nearly proved fatal. The fact that he is here today, living his music dreams, is proof of his relentlessness, mental strength, and sheer will to succeed and break molds. He’s got steel inside of him and embodies the resolute nature of the human spirit to always get back up, no matter how many times it gets knocked down.

Professionally donning the moniker Jly, this artist’s sound is a combination of raw and diverse uncensored talent with insatiable passion. He is unlike your typical Latin artist. He brings something extra to the table that sets him apart from others of similar standing. All the experiences he has undergone, the good, the bad, and the ugly have all contributed to the man he is today—a man using his artistic gifts to set the world ablaze and inspire future generations while at it.

Jly is currently making headlines with his new banger, “Los Tiempos de Antes”- an ode to his earlier life and how he was able to go beyond and pull through his tumultuous past and make a better life for himself.

Reggaeton music is easily one of the most danceable styles of music there is, and it has this undeniable power to make people want to move; “Los Tiempos de Antes” is no exception. Within the first few seconds, listeners may find their bodies subtly moving in time with the beat.

On the mic, Jly blends his emotive vocals and impeccable flow to vividly paint pictures and imagery with his sweet- sounding Spanish lyrics. The energetic quality of the track is made possible by the wonderfully engaging performances that fill the song from head to toe.

This track features such strong percussive elements with fantastic guitar and drum flourishes, backed by an exceptionally well-realized lead vocal performance from Jly.

The music video is another strong feature of this stunning banger and really supplements the song perfectly, elevating it to new heights of appeal. It is little surprise that the video already has over 21K YouTube views in such a short span of time.

To enjoy this raw masterpiece, follow the attached link, subscribe to Jly’s YouTube channel, like the outstanding visual, add the song to your playlist, and recommend it to your friends.

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