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New York-based alternative rock artist Joseph Hickey’s latest anthem, “Cheers To Yesterday,” emanates warmth and triumph.

Joseph Hickey is a pop-punk artist based out of North Syracuse, NY, who has been building his artistry as an out-of-the-box artist that thousands of listeners are saving to their music playlists. He aims to create purposeful music that resonates with fans personally, encouraging them to realize their potential. Alternatively, he invites them to simply enjoy the infectious tunes, moving with carefree abandon to the irresistible melodies while singing along to the catchy lyrics.

“Cheers to Yesterday” is Hickey’s latest masterpiece, with a deeply relevant message at its core about enjoying life to the fullest no matter the age number.

This track serves as a reminder for individuals of all ages to reconnect with the youthful exuberance that once defined their lives, and to occasionally let loose, after all the hard work and sacrifices along the way, they too deserve to enjoy their own times in whichever way that makes their faces glow and beam, just like when they were little adolescents not carrying the weight of the world around them.

As you can probably expect, that blend of melody is impressive and exuberant, jumping at a listener with vigor and making them want to move immediately.

Hickey then transforms this track into a sing-along anthem with his easily quotable lyrics and a captivating chorus at its heart that is more than guaranteed to remain stuck in your head even after the track is no more.

A radio-friendly ‘feel-good’ and bubbly kind of punk rock that makes for a wonderfully rousing listening experience, “Cheers To Yesterday” is the perfect summer hit to add to your playlist.

Already streaming on popular channels, follow the attached link and play this track out loud as you dance like no one’s watching…even though they probably are.

If you are in a jovial mood, then perhaps you can check out Hickey’s new album, “Placing All The Pieces,” as you feel and savor the vibe in this timeless and catchy music.

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