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Joseph Nevels’ new EP, “ABIDE” is everything fans have come to expect from this musical and artistic sensation.

In a highly competitive, ever-evolving world where new talents are emerging from everywhere, being recognized as a leader in one’s particular field requires more than just a high level of expertise. If there is an artist out there who fits the description of a ‘real artist’, then it has to be Los Angeles-based Joseph Nevels. Coming through with a conscious sound that is spiritual and inspiring, this artist is appreciated and admired for his depth and maturity in expressing strong emotions and sensitivity in each of his songs. He is also compared to legends like Frank Ocean and D’Angelo in terms of vocal prowess, backed by an unmistakable raw organic storytelling style. When you add his warm, charismatic personality, powerful, courageous attitude, and readiness to convey vulnerability through his avant-garde musical ideas, you get a generational talent. It is little wonder his music has earned him hundreds of millions of streams across popular platforms.

Having already won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and with a committed following that continues to increase daily, Joseph is establishing himself as a prominent figure in the independent music scene.

As someone who believes in the healing power of music, his latest EP, “ABIDE” is a rich tapestry of passion for sharing the healing power of music with the world. He believes art is the ultimate healing power, and that’s why this album, which was manifested while walking through the deserts and hiking in California, feels like an open love letter. The depth of inspiring and empowering lyrics within the realms of gospel and soul, complemented by his spotlight-stealing vocals, is simply heavenly!

Let’s talk about that title track, shall we? “ABIDE” revels in its definite sense of musical identity and brilliantly captivating demeanor. The lyrics are touching, and the message and purpose of the song are even more fulfilling. The mellow piano melodies set the tone for the jam before Joseph breathes life with his golden vocals. Slowly and steadily, the track builds, Joseph’s soulfully rich voice thriving over the piano tones until around the 48-second mark, where the other percussive instruments are eased in.

The lyrics explore Joseph’s journey growing up with references to his hardworking father, who grew up around the segregation era, studying in a one-room school, with inspiring lyrics about surviving all the battles that we face because it’s not always that we wrestle with what we see with our eyes…some of the battles are spiritual and emotional as opposed to physical, and that’s why we need God’s strength and intervention in order to win. The beat is catchy and the perfect complement to Joseph’s emotion-fueled revelations.

“GLORY” is another standout piece with a memorable chorus at its heart that underscores the track’s theme about the deficiencies of being human, how we constantly give in to our desires, and how God is gracious enough to forgive us. Featuring a gentle, relaxed beat and filmic piano, this track builds an ephemeral atmosphere that’s perfect for Joseph’s heartfelt and extremely personal lyrical style. His nimble flow provides excellent contrast to the serene nature of this track, which reads like an open love letter. Inspirational and confessional, “GLORY” should appeal to any listener who has always felt the presence of God in their lives.

Can I just say how “EMPTY WELL” has been living rent-free in my mind ever since I listened to it? I love the thoughtfully hit piano notes, the rich, powerful, and emotion-fueled lead singing by Joseph, and the overall nostalgic R&B arrangement. The track hits me right in the nostalgia every time, and it is so surreal how much better it feels with every repeat experience.

Borrowing from the Holy Book of John, this tune explores Jesus Christ, who is the giver of life-giving water and eternal life, which means no one who drinks from His cup will ever thirst again.

“WATER” hit me rights in the feels thanks to that R&B and soul blend backed by such heartfelt lyrics that recognize Jesus, the son of God, as the giver of living water. The hook, the crystal clear, gentle yet powerful, and incredibly wealthy voice by Joseph elevates this tune to newer and greater heights. He gets you completely lost in the music with his gift for getting to the heart of the song.

As I mentioned, “ABIDE” lives up to the expectations of the fans who were eagerly waiting for this project. He went above and beyond to create something worthy of the billboard charts…music that has been tapped directly from the source and delivered with such heart and soul.

To Joseph Nevels, thank you for this inspiring, uplifting, and obviously timeless body of work!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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