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Texas-based producer JoTre strikes again with an impressive blend of EDM, trap, and R&B in his latest single, “Feel It Too,” featuring Tim Moyo

JoTre is an invigorating dance floor stomper, whose genre-bending creations have captivated audiences worldwide, earning him great interest from fans, critics, and key industry players. The way of his bold blend of various musical styles within electronic dance music has become his trademark. After making waves rapidly with his highly acclaimed masterpiece, “Out of Place” which has garnered over 90K streams on Spotify alone, JoTre is expanding his influence and breaking barriers once more with another epic banger dubbed “Feel It Too”- climbing yet another rung of his ladder to stardom with this tour de force collaborative project featuring UK-based producer and artist Tim Moyo.

Set to an energetic and uplifting EDM beat with trap sensibilities, “Feel It Too” immediately exudes a crossover appeal that is made broader with the integration of the enchanting female vocals that infuse it with an R&B essence

This track is characterized by its fast, driving tempo and groovy bass, with the soaring melodies and ethereal pads adding so much texture and atmosphere, underscoring the track’s speed and intensity.

The pulsating bassline and intricate percussion create a strong and mesmerizing groove, allowing the listener to get completely lost in the music as they dance the night away with carefree abandon.

The male vocals are then skillfully blended, adding a compelling layer of rap to the track’s depth and elegance.

This track is energetic and uplifting, while maintaining an immersive and ethereal arrangement, with the hypnotic rhythms and swirling synths adding to the otherworldly atmosphere.

There is no doubt that JoTre’s ability to reinvent his brand and fearlessly experiment with his sound is an undeniable statement of his talent and limitless versatility. “Feel It Too” proves as much, ultimately driving his legendary narrative even further.

Pioneering his own blend of EDM over the past few years, JoTre has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with his innovative style of rhythmic, eclectic music. Delivering a steady stream of impressive releases like this one on a variety of different imprints, JoTre’s larger-than-life productions have garnered attention on a global scale.

“Feel It Too” has started on a bright note with tremendous stream numbers so far as eager fans and listeners stream in large numbers, drawn to the contagious energy and irresistible vibe this song exudes!

Click the attached link, play “Feel It Too” at maximum volume, put it on loop, and don’t you ever stop moving in time with the beat!

Follow JoTre on Instagram to be part of this musical evolution!

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