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Jakarta-Based Guitarist Juhan Ongbrian Teams Up With Japanese-American Drummer Shane Sato for Collaborative Single “Changes”

When musical worlds collide, sometimes the result is a supernova of sound that leaves listeners spellbound. Such is the case with the collaboration between Jakarta-based guitarist Juhan Ongbrian and Japanese-American drummer Shane Sato. Their synergistic single “Changes” is a sonic tapestry of transformation, weaving together the threads of their respective talents into a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery. Fasten your seatbelts, music lovers—this is one ride you won’t want to miss.

Juhan Ongbrian, the multifaceted guitarist, producer, and audio engineer, hails from Jakarta but has honed his craft in the vibrant music scenes of Seattle and Los Angeles. His 2019 EP “Mood Swings” showcases his prowess and versatility, with singles that reflect his nuanced, ever-evolving sound. Shane Sato, the dynamic drummer, guitarist, and producer with Japanese-American roots, resides in Southern California. He performs with his band, Box Dreams, and has an impressive discography of singles and a 3-song EP to his name.

“Changes” is a mesmerizing fusion of soulful jazz and electrifying rock, an alchemical blend that captures the essence of Juhan Ongbrian’s signature nu-jazz sound. Described as experimental, retro yet fresh, and brimming with organic instruments like guitars, percussion, drums, and piano, his music resonates with depth and emotion. Shane Sato’s razor-sharp production elevates the track, creating a reflective, jazzy arrangement that pulses with vibrant energy.

In a recent interview, Juhan and Shane revealed their eclectic musical influences, ranging from The Beatles, Bee Gees, and Queen to Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, and John Mayer. Their diverse inspirations shine through in “Changes,” a testament to their artistic growth and the transformative power of music.

Prepare to be captivated by the emotive soundscape of “Changes,” a must-listen for fans of jazz, rock, and everything in between. This gem of a track is a reminder of the magic that can happen when two brilliant musicians join forces to create something truly extraordinary. So, immerse yourself in the soulful lightness of “Changes” and let the music take you on a journey of discovery and wonder.

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