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Relentless Upcoming Female Julanna Set to Debut Her First Single “Mystery Man” on March 18th 2022

Julanna Mystery Man

Julanna’s inspiring story takes shape in the form of resiliency, the dignity of legitimacy, and the undisputed fearlessness of a lioness! She epitomizes courage in the face of mystery and calamities. She had a tumultuous childhood which was colored with trauma and emotional turmoil and despite it all, she fought her way through and came out just a little scratched but unfazed and determined to fight for her dreams by working twice as hard and believing in herself like no one else did. She was her own support system and the champion behind this current undefeated champion ready to share with the rest of the world her inimitable personality. From a very shy and utterly confused girl with only just a dream and daunting insecurity to go with it to this fearless confident and unperturbed iron lady who is about to make a grand entrance with a refreshingly stupendous debut single “Mystery Man” – Julanna is proving that fortunes do turn around and we can always make the best out of what has perceived an impossible situation; we just have to show up and be courageous and resilient enough!

She is set to release the single “Mystery Man” which will be her first-ever release on the 18th of March 2022 and this track is an exquisite delight that defies any one type of genre. The intro has been layered percussively with the heavy and electronic cinematic instruments that whisk a listener to a planet EDM! The buffet is served to satisfaction with the pop-like lush melodies and the clever touch of reggae groove in the melodies that is a showcase of advanced creativity and world-class performance that came together at this stage to make such a track happen!

Her voice is a stunner and breathes new immortal life into this track as her mellifluous and flexible vocal ability shines through the instruments without showing even an iota of a hitch. There is a latent power in her voice as she delves into the mysterious matters of the heart (love) and this is where a listener is completely immersed into her world as they find solace and relatability with the words behind the lyrics.

18th of March feels like a century away as things stand but patience is a true virtue to have by your side. The highlight song for the first phase of 2022 is about to be dropped and I really can’t keep calm. I’m so happy for her and I can’t wait to see what is in store for Julanna in this new musical journey she is about to commence!

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