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Prodigious musical and creative Jumbok Jay has a strong and deeply relatable message in his track “I Don’t Care.”

Jumbok Jay

Inspired by the different ways that music speaks to each and every soul, visionary up-and-coming artist Jumbok Jay wanted to connect people from all walks of life, and that is how he got into music. He’s really intrigued at how music is just a universal language by itself and how, even when you don’t necessarily know the words to a song or understand the context behind it, you can feel the energy and the vibe through the vibrations of the tones and magically relate to that feeling; it’s just a special way of keeping the world connected, and that right there inspires him to get into the studio and make relatable tunes; leveraging on his innate ability to tell a story through vivid lyricism and a powerful voice to back that up.

A tune like “I Don’t Care” is deeply meaningful, and I feel that it deserves a much larger audience than it currently enjoys. This track has been delivered with a somewhat understated emotionality that works well with the sound structure and the whole theme around it.

Jumbok Jay really takes over the beats in this tune, and I like how they have been layered with a simple yet effective undertone to allow Jay’s presentation to flourish. Unleashing effective A-Z-inspired rhymes, Jumbo goes on to give a complete performance that can cross about any other poetic field with much success.

Half-singing and half-rapping, Jumbok is able to create a splendid, captivating, and thought-inspiring ballad that gives an ode to just living your life and not giving much attention to what others think or say because, at the end of it, you’ve got only you to worry about and people will always talk and have opinions no matter what!

The music video is an ingenious visual depiction that complements this tune perfectly and is eye-catching throughout.

To experience Jumbok Jay’s impeccable artistry through “I Don’t Care,”  follow the attached link, subscribe to Jay’s YouTube channel, give the video a thumbs up, and leave a comment below on how the music makes you feel!

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