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Multi-colored rock outfit Junkyard Heights is set to release their new single, “Beans & Whiskey,” on February 7th, 2023.

If you’re looking for a band that breaks the mold and defies genre boundaries, look no further than Junkyard Heights. They possess a diverse palette of artistic expression, which has manifested quickly into a flourishing career in the music industry. The band’s style of music comprises a whirlwind of rock that spans other styles such as roots, blues, and country to solidify a unique brand that is avant-garde and uniquely fulfilling. They also pride themselves on coming from the side of rock music where the quality of lyrics matters, which is why, at its core, this band has meaningful and socially relevant lyricism.

On the 7th of February this year, Junkyard Heights will officially unveil their new jam, dubbed “Beans & Whiskey,” on all digital platforms worldwide. A crisp blues rock-inspired masterpiece, there is a lot for alternative rock music devotees to be excited about.

Fully realized with keen attention to detail, I am just in love with what the band does here—from that intro that features the clean guitar notes and riffs, closely followed by the plush vocals of one Craig Charles, who sings straight into your heart with his warmly raw voice allowed to thrive up until the 40-second mark where the band unleashes a timeless medley of the electric guitars, upright bass, and earth-shuttering drums with the self-assured vocals following closely by to fashion a proper rock anthem.

The lyrics are sung with a blues attitude that leaves no room for question or criticism, and through the arresting high-octane guitars and distorted riffs, that speedy roots tempo gives this tune its edgy attitude.

You just have to admire the virtuosity and showmanship involved in that guitar work that really grabs a listener’s attention throughout this performance. This is an enchanting release that has been tastefully produced and stunningly performed to take a listener to another exquisite musical space.

If you know what’s best for your musical life, there is no other place you’d rather be than at Junkyard Heights’ space—mark the 7th of February on your calendar and stay tuned for that dosage of eclectic rock greatness!

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