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Long Island NY-Based Self-Proclaimed Legend Jusssssto Is All Fired up in His Latest Banger, “I Need Therapy”

You can call him Messiah for the way he is saving hip-hop soul; – based out of Long Island, NY Jusssssto is the best thing to have happened to the music industry lately; weaving his own unrivaled sound that stretches the boundaries of hip-hop and R&B. Amazingly, he has proven to be the real annihilator who is not afraid of breaking the rules every once in a while to bring something innovative to the table. It is this very personality that has endeared him to an ever-expanding catalog of fans who follow his every move with great adulation!

Ever since he dropped his groundbreaking album, “Music Weed And Books”, he has been on an upward trajectory, ultimately gaining an up-and-coming following in the east coast rap scene.

The fiery verses he lays down on his latest banger, “I Need Therapy,” are nothing short of therapeutic. He is in his most poetic and creative prime as he visually takes a listener into a world of his own creation with his analytical wordplay and intellectual bars sandwiched in between haunting hook lines.

That concoction of scholarly wordplay, effective cadence, and recondite flows is at once deeply evocative and exhilarating. His intensely raw performance is the sort that leaves one stimulated and hungry for more.

The way he owns and commands the stage makes for an enthralling listening experience and highlights the sound of an artist who has discovered what it means to be truly free; going on to add to his treasure trove with such a fine and rare masterpiece as this one!

This is what rare trademark talent feels and sounds like; Jusssssto epitomizes greatness—in fact, his status as a legend may not be far-fetched, not in the least!

The flex is real. He just might be better than your favorite rapper!

To have a spin with “I Need Therapy”- follow the attached link and let it roll and point toward your favorite playlist court!

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