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Cleveland-based country-pop songstress Kayla Slay delivers a completely engrossing performance in her new “Country Girl” single.

Kayla Slay has been pushing the boundaries of music, delivering sumptuous, dazzling, sophisticated, unexpected, and at times edgy tracks that celebrate her creative heart in the saturated music industry. She is thorough with her music and always ensures she gets to the heart of every track. With a varied, genre-bending style of music that seamlessly blends country, pop, and even rock, Kayla’s music is the sound of constricting shackles crashing to the floor, of boundaries cleverly and happily breached. This is the sound of a talent discovering what it means to be free, and we’re all in for it!

Her latest track, “Country,” is a shining example of the top-notch artistry that she has claimed and surpassed—this is the sound of yesteryear dragged all the way through and made to fit in with the modern world, and it is such a joy to experience it.

A diverse, multi-genre musical mosaic that is vibrant with a melody line so memorable that it is likely to take up residence in your head for the rest of the day. Her vocals are deeply engrossing and effortlessly powerful, adding to the diverse, multi-genre musical mosaic that is vibrant with a melody line so memorable it is likely to stay with you for the rest of the day.

“Country Girl” has a crossover appeal: at the beginning, the track is quintessentially country-flavored with the acoustic guitar and cowgirls vocal timbre, and as the track progresses, its pop and rock features start to come out, backed by an invigorating vocal presentation with an unforgettable chorus at its core!

The mix is of high quality, and the production is spot on to create such a crisp and polished sound that subtly evades categorization with its broad appeal.

“Country Girl” is already streaming on your favorite platforms…I have a feeling you’ll be head over heels for this unrestrained presentation from a songbird with her whole musical future ahead of her—let’s roll!

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