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Quench your musical thirst with an electrifying father-son collaboration as Houston-based emcee Kbzzy Tha Representa & Lil Ransom bring the heat with “CODE SHIT”

Kbzzy Tha Representa is a veteran in his own right. Leading a career spanning over two decades, this Houston, TX-based hip-hop and rap emcee has remained loyal to the game; dedicated to the purity of original rap that he grew up listening to. He is a conscious rapper, singer, and songwriter in all aspects, a rarity among male rappers. He’s balanced his craft, not only concentrating on edgy hardcore rap but also exploring explicit themes with his hard-edged rhythms, making him an anomaly within hip hop and hardcore and proving that he is no novelty, with his sound gathering positive reviews and pulling tremendous numbers.

With such a decorated career that has followed him thus far, it was only right that his own son, who now dons the moniker Lil Ransom follow in his father’s footsteps, and that’s exactly what he did. He is now his own artist, who, as you can imagine, has learned from the best; someone who brings experience far beyond reach.

Well, father and son decided to get on a record together, and the result of that is pure fire…I’m still burning from the banger “CODE SHIT” that features top-drawer performances from head to toe.

Let’s talk about that beat; the intro is way too slick and hypnotic. That concoction of the keyboard, drum line, and 808 to authenticate an addicting melodic line that I feel is the backbone of the track’s beat is why I fell in love with this tune from the get-go. In fact, I can’t imagine this track without that hypnotic melodic line.

The beat also features an earth-rattling bass line that elevates the track to new, fascinating heights. Lil Ransom starts us off and proves to be cut from the same cloth as his father with his thought-spurring rhymes and an infectious hook, displaying such showmanship way beyond his years.

Kbzzy Tha Representa then rounds out the performance with his masterful flows, wise perspectives, and provocative, sometimes explicit bars, all in service of the track’s major theme about being real and sticking to the code.

By any standards, “CODE SHIT” is a 10/10 performance that dominates any playlist it is put in.

If you are looking for a fresh musical fixation, look no further than “CODE SHIT” and you’ll be glad you did.

| Kbzzy Tha Representa | Lil Ransom |

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