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LA-Based Gospel Musician Keicon Presents to You a Live Recorded Version of “Friday Night Before Church.”

Gospel music star Keicon has had quite the journey, and it has been evident that this powerhouse vocalist and songwriter is a strong force in the gospel music scene who has been staying ahead of the curve and naturally adapting to trends with incredible stylistic flexibility. Keicon has maintained mainstream stardom and continues to reaffirm his status as a prodigious talent and a forward-thinking, dynamic force to be reckoned with!

His live recorded version of “Friday Night Before Church” actually came as a result of his virtual tour and has been breaking ground as one of the most fulfilling bodies of works that features live-played music where you get to experience everything in its raw form—it’s just like watching them perform live, and this experience is just so surreal, to say the least.

This is just live gospel music at its finest and listening through, you can’t really help yourself but reminisce of the old-school R&B that most of us grew up listening to. An over 16-minute immersive listening experience full of feeling and a tremendous amount of spirit, Keicon and his team really pack a powerful punch here!

The tunes are brilliant blues-fueled, gospel-inspired moving rockers that blend accomplished performances with that clear devotion to the various themes that run through them. Keicon, the backing choir, and the band are able to deliver phenomenal performances that are steeped in both purpose and deep levels of conviction.

The terrifically soulful lead and backing vocal performances really help inject the tunes with that hearty dose of the gospel. The live guitars and drums establish that irrefutable sense of feeling, and the way each and every track is lovingly handled and delivered is a joy to listen to and really captures the essence of the 90s blues perfectly.

The whole of this 5-track collection is just powerful—each track has its own healing message, and the performance is from the heart and soul. I had my best moments listening to this live performance. It actually feels like I was right there in the middle of this performance.

“Friday Night Before Church” is a must-listen record if you want to feel alive again and ready to take on the world with that renewed sense of energy and hope.

To experience this live recorded version; follow the attached link and have the time of your life with it!

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