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With “Holy Night”, Kete Bowers Crafts A Mesmerizing Folk Tune That Strikes An Emotional Chord.

Driven by the rich, subtly-tense tenor vocals and carried by the acoustic guitar with relatively simple chord progressions, “Holy Night” manages to evoke a listener’s emotions while keeping them grounded in a mellow tune. The track has features of a traditional folk-song throwback but with a clean, crisp arrangement that commands attention from the get-go. Through the seemingly spiritual lyrics and incredibly powerful vocal performance, Kete Bowers provides an uplifting sensation touched with heart and soul. This sensation remains consistent throughout the entire track and encourages hitting the repeat button.

“Holy Night” is such an enchanting release from the prolific Bowers. This exquisite track features a traditional, folk guitar-driven melody, spiritual lyrics, and a gorgeous, fully realized arrangement that recalls the sound of the great singer-songwriter hits of the 1970s.

Bowers delivers a confident and captivating vocal performance in his distinctive, weathered tenor and is backed by the skillful execution of the guitar picking, making this tune an easy recommendation for any and all folk fans, particularly those who can appreciate punctilious songcraft.

This is a very strong track, given that it stands alone with only a solo voice and instrument, which is the mark of a truly great folk song.

Tinged in a somewhat inescapable melancholic feel that actually offers comfort and solace for the listener, “Holy Night” truly is one of those songs that provides a cathartic listening experience to a listener and leaves them emotionally gratified.

This is one of two songs that Kete Bowers has already recorded in 2023 as he gears towards the release of his new album following the previous full-length project, “Paper Ships” which went on to receive widespread critical acclaim from music fans and critics alike.

If you love your music hauntingly beautiful, melancholic, and soul-stirring, there is every reason to have Kete Bowers as your new favorite artist.

Follow the attached link below to stream and add this new sound to your catalog.

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