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Birmingham-based lyricist Kiddo Scoobie is making a name for his city with his next-level project; – “IN ANOTHER WORLD”

Kiddo Scoobie is a first-rate emcee representing Birmingham, Alabama, globally with his swift and attention-grabbing, action-packed style of rap music that draws inspiration from the everyday life of the street to resonate with unique audiences. He is also a master of his craft and just has a way with words that cannot be matched. His rise thus far to the top of the Alabama rap scene has not been a fluke but a result of grit, determination, and resiliency flanked by his ever-present innate ability to transform situations into bangers with near-universal appeal.

His “IN ANOTHER WORLD” album really is a huge testament to someone who is at the top of their game; this is an 11-track masterpiece that takes you back to the golden age of underground rap but with more spicy elements of the modern world, like trippy trap and rap, for one unforgettable journey. This project is a potential billboard charter, and I am in no way exaggerating; I have listened to it from the first track, and I just love the variety, the punch-heavy rhymes, the cadence and flows, the wordplay, and the trippy and blazing beats. Everything you’d imagine in the rap genre has been attractively packaged here and joyfully served for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This album consists of a brilliant combination of unique yet hardcore rhythms and dynamic rhyming. Throughout his performances, Kiddo demonstrates astonishing dexterity at bringing his amazing storytelling to life with his picturesque rapping that penetrates the hearts of its listeners. Every track here is a masterpiece, revealing Kiddo’s thoughts and emotions in the most poetic and creative way possible!

And can we talk about that incredible atrocity unleashed on the title track, “IN ANOTHER WORLD”- these kinds of beats should be declared illegal. It has been quite a long time since I have played a song repeatedly—I lost count! Calling those bats hypnotic feels like an understatement…and the way Kiddo’s rap technique fits in with the melodies to whisk a listener to another dimension should be investigated for foul play.

It’s actually so poetic how music is out of this world—I’m still raving over those beats and the way Kiddo comes over dreamy and flows inspired to add to the dynamism of the track…I could go on and on, but I’ll stop for now!

“NVR NOT WRKN” is another special banger—the signature trap beats that bounce with creative freedom and echo production virtuosity are met with an accomplished lyrical performance flanked by a memorable hook-like section throughout that takes up residence in your brain for the rest of the day. It is absolutely magical to experience how Kiddo matches the speed of the beats with his own first-class lyrical wordplay that leaves you both in shock and awe.

“GET OUT DA WAY” is what you call a platinum flow: no side shows, just Kiddo Scoobie putting his money where his mouth is and going on a lyrical rampage over the heavy beats that seamlessly blend the signature hi-hats, the dazzling snares, the high-end 808s, and the thumping basslines, not forgetting the vintage synths.

“IN ANOTHER WORLD” is the album that will set his musical journey this year, presenting him as the megastar to watch out for in the rap industry. This is a certified collection that is poised to capture listeners’ eardrums due to the copious amount of vivid storytelling over magnetic beats on display as Kiddo bridges the gap between the punch of modern hip-hop and the grit of the golden age sound with his catchy, direct, and masterful southern flows backed by a Cali-like vibe.

With this album, Kiddo Scoobie proves that he is far from a one-dimensional rapper who not only talks about his pain but he also has the talent to create music with a more mainstream appeal, with upbeat tracks and more accessible subject matter!

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