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Indiana-based rapper Kilo has the streets completely “Knocked Off”

The hip-hop community has got a new creative harbinger in Kilo, a hip-hop and rap artist based out of Indiana who is significantly contributing to the hip hop culture with his unique flows, captivating charisma, and an equal work ethic. He’s gained a substantial following, capturing the hearts of hip hop fanatics with his ability to seamlessly translate raw storytelling into melodies with universal appeal.

Listening to “Knocked Off”, it’s as if Kilo entered the studio and created something extraordinary, resulting in a performance that could be likened to therapy for hip hop and rap enthusiasts.

The beat is sick and outstandingly heavy, with a bright concoction of that sawtooth bass, the pounding synths, striking snares, atmospheric drums, and the 808s. On the mic, Kilo wastes no time in making his mark; levitating over the beat with thought-provoking lyrics, impactful punchlines, and an assertive rhythm.

His style of performance is the sort that demands a listener’s attention throughout the track’s length—he possesses an undeniable stage presence, his vocals are commanding, and he knows how to flow!

At the track’s core is a standout complementary music video that is of the highest standards and really embodies what West Coast hip hop is all about. I appreciate the time and effort invested in crafting these compelling visuals to perfectly complement this sensational track.

I feel Kilo has the flow, the speed, and his delivery is top-notch—all vital ingredients of a first-class emcee.

He is surely making his mark, one record at a time, and “Knocked Off” is another great audition in the eyes of rap music aficionados…just watch him soar!

Experience the energy of this powerful track by following the attached link, subscribing to Kilo’s YouTube channel, liking the release, leaving a comment below, and sharing this track with your peers!

Follow Kilo on Instagram to keep up with his vibes!

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